Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is something otherworldly. We all know about it, but only enough to associate it with dancing dragons in China Town of our cities. I am no different and it is exactly what I was expecting, even in Beijing. To my surprise, it is way more than that and actually quite amusing in […]

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Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

See also: Beijing Tourist: Tian’an Men Square & Hou Hai Lakes You can find a lot more pictures that I have uploaded to Flickr by clicking here If I was compiling a list of coldest places on earth Harbin would definitely make the cut.  Although I haven’t been to many (I’m more of a sunny […]

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Hello Beijing!

See also: 5 Reasons To Study Abroad In Beijing   The time has finally come and I arrived in Beijing! Thankfully, I did not suffer any jetlag, which is amazing. First impressions? I love it. Of course, as with anything else in the world, it does come with its flaws, but nothing I could not […]

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