It’s all about Alex

This is me.

Living, studying and partying in Beijing, China. Try to live an extraodinary life and explore the world. Let’s see how it goes! šŸ™‚

On a more serious note, University of Westminster Public Relations graduate, I will continue my studies at a #1 media institution in Peoples Republic of China that is Communications University of China (CUC). This time round, I’m doing master’s degreeĀ in International Journalism and Communication.

I started this project to enlighten all with my experiences and adventures in Beijing. Both here in China and abroad. What encouraged me to share, was the fact that before moving to Beijing, it was difficult if not almost impossible to read about first hand experiences of those living there as expats or study abroad students. So I hope to shed more light on what its like to live in a city of 20million people for those wondering and those planning to come.

I’ll try to keep it simple and interesting, so expect creative writing, pictures and videos, permitting internet connection will not let me down.

Ask questions, leave comments, tweet, pin and follow me on instagram for an all-round picture!

For more about me you can also visit



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