In The Spotlight Documentary About China

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Looking back at my previous posts or Instagram, I’ve figured that it seems like all I do here is pretty much fun, fun, fun. That is correct. However, I came here to study and with that comes some assignments that need to be done in order to pass the subject, right?

Although my first year of my masters degree has now been officially over for over a month, I would like to share something that I’ve done for Documentary Production class in June.

For those that need reminding, I am studying MA International Journalism and Communication at Communication University of China in Beijing. (See my first blog post: Hello Beijing )

I know how some can be very impatient reading long texts, so here comes the final product, and I’ll talk about it after you’ve watched it, if you’ve got time or interest to read it.

In The Spotlight: Documentary about Chinese habit of treating foreigners as celebrities in China.

Ok, Ok. I know it’s not that great and there’s much room for improvement. But hey, give us some credit, It’s pretty much our first attempt at filming and editing a video, nevermind a documentary!

Assignment was simple, film a 5 minute documentary about something China specific. So a few of my Serbian friends and I decided to film a doc about something each of us encounter almost on the daily basis. I’m sure I’ve mentioned in my previous posts that stares are so common here if you are different looking foreigner, that after a first few weeks of wondering “is there something on my face?”, “did I pick the wrong outfit?” you finally come to ignore them.

So we revisited the topic. We’ve asked around how other foreigners felt about this so called phenomena and to brief us about their most interesting experiences. We’ve all had them!

Then we got Tanya equipped with a little GoPro cam in her bra to capture the stares. It’s as if they knew! As soon as the camera was on, it was as if she became invisible. But we managed to capture a few genuine stares.

In the Spotlight Doc - behind the scenes - - blog about study and life in beijing - alex filicevas            In the Spotlight Doc - behind the scenes - - blog about study and life in beijing - alex filicevas

Once we entered Tian’anmen Square, that’s where the fun has began. Once one lovely girl gathered all her courage to approach Tanya for a photo (Tanya is tall, lean, blonde, beautiful – all things that Chinese love about foreigners) other followed in packs. Soon we had non-stop flow of photo opportunists, perfect for our little documentary.

We realised, that five minutes isn’t enough to really explore the topic (I think BBC should definitely cover this one). However, we did the best we could and I think it came out pretty good for first timers.

I still cringe at my presenting skills haha, but I’ll work on those as well as our camera crew skills. Practice makes perfect right?

Overall, it was a fun experience nonetheless, allowing me learn about film and editing as well as see where my skills lack. I hope you had a laugh watching it, it needn’t be too serious! So enjoy, watch it again and I’ll catch you soon!

PS. If you wan’t to feel like a celebrity for a day (or everyday) you should definitely come to study in Beijing. If you need more reasons, check out my post about 5 Reasons To Study Abroad in Beijing or this short video about 10 Reasons To Study in China – CUC




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