Baby, comeback! Still here!

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Time flies. It is hard to believe, that not only have I been in China for almost 10 months now, but that my last blog post was about the Chinese New Year! Which was way back in February. Shame on me, shame on me.

Well a lot and not so much at the same has happened in the past few months that I have gone of the radar. Those of you who follow me on Instagram, will be aware that I am well and unharmed, especially after all that abuse I have received on Instagram in June, when I had tried dog meat for a friends leaving dinner.

I’ve never experienced that much anger. Farm bred dogs are no different to cows, which are holy in India, so what would Indians say when you bite into that juicy steak? However, that’s the least of my problems, meat is meat and I ain’t looking to have dog meat ever again. It was a one off, and not a pleasant experience.

June was a month of goodbyes, just like January was. This time round 95% of my friends and people that I generally know have left University and/or Beijing altogether. Perhaps, I’ve become a little immune to the sad aspect of these farewells since I had my trial run in January. Or maybe, it was the fact that I set of on a trip through China en route to Hong Kong during the period of most frequent departures. So my goodbyes were soft, didn’t feel too final or overly emotional. With  just a few people I guess. That’s ok though, I don’t really like goodbyes, it’s just too much to handle.

The last few months saw me making trips to Shanghai way back in April, which was an amazing trip with a group of friends for 4 days which turned into 5 once our flight got cancelled. Due to reasons unknown. I have also been travelling China for two weeks in July, which took me from Beijing to Xian and into the beautiful Zhangjiajie “Avatar’ Mountains as well as Tianmen Mountains, Guilin, Yangshou and of course one of my favourite parts of the trip Hong Kong. The shopping mecca, where I got myself a few bits and an Apple Watch 🙂

I will detail my travels with lots of pictures and stories where they’re due in upcoming posts. I promise they won’t be 5 months apart. Since it’s summer break now, I do not have too much to do and since I am not enjoying this horrific Beijing summer, I am more than capable sharing my stories of life in Beijing and beyond in my air-condition room.

For those, who are new to my blog and are particularly looking for more information on specifics of study and life in Beijing, stay tuned, I’ll keep you in mind in upcoming posts. Especially those coming to study at Communication University of China this coming September. However, if you have any questions, ask outright I am more than willing to help.
Catch you soon!
Alex xoxo


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