VIDEO: Blue Monday Again – Something to Cheer You Up

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Apparently today, 19th January is the most depressing day of the year – Blue Monday. Or at least it is claimed so by the media and pseudoscientists. I mean your life must really suck to get depressed in just under three weeks into the year! However, if it does suck indeed, here’s a little video compilation I’ve made of Chinese students at CUC making mockery of themselves. That should at least brighten up your Monday a tad bit, whether it’s blue, green or a good old Pink. Check it out:

Now think about how you would feel if you would’ve just done that on stage…

These videos, I’ve made and completely forgot about back in December are from Communication University of China, Television School Christmas Gala Event. This so called ‘carnival’ takes place every year and all students prepare performances, for which there seems to be no guidelines. It’s just foolish fun, that I found embarrassingly funny and I hope you do too!






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