3 months in Beijing and APEC Blue Skies

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It has been a while since my last post and no I did not have a ‘Movember’ gone wrong. I’m certain I couldn’t pull it off and would choose an alternative charitable cause. ‘Fanuary’ perhaps, if only I had one..

November has been an eventful month that passed by just as quickly as the past three months altogether. I’m past that three month mark now of my life in Beijing and let’s see where it got me. My relationship with China is still undefined and I am embracing it to the fullest, or to the best of my abilities, but I am still unable to choose one of those two very strong words- love or hate. Screw the labels, just like any relationship I can go from love to hate and back in a space of an hour, let alone a day!

Last month, I have learnt a new spectrum of colour  unknown to me before – APEC Blue. Beijingers, used to more than fifty shades of grey, were so astonished by the blue skies, perhaps never seen before in such clarity, with a little help by the media of course, came up with a name for this vibrant blue color. Named after the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit that was held in the beginning of November. Obviously, only achieved by governments orders to shut down the factories, limiting car drivers in the city etc. It was an event of this decade for certain (in China), complemented by one-off week long holiday for everyone and government weather control. So I was able to enjoy near-empty streets of Beijing, feel the warmth of the sun and breathe fresh air observing those APEC Blue skies.

Blue skies went just as quickly as Obama took off on his Air Force One. I’m used to living with Beijing pollution by now and I refuse to complain about things beyond my control. Locals say, that this year has been good so far in terms of pollution. I agree, it hasn’t been that bad.

What’s worse, I’ve experienced my first ‘proper’ winter, and it’s only the beginning. With temperatures as low as -10 and strong winds, it feels like I’ve been abandoned on an Antarctic exhibition. Take away the wind, and it’s not so bad. You have this compromise of prefernce: cold winds with clear skies, or warmer temperatures filled with air pollution. I can actually live with either, in January its set to drop to minus thirties in Beijing, so we’ll see about that. However, armed with a super warm H&M parka that I fell in love with, gloves and winter boots I’m sure I will be fine. I’m not a hat person, so any suggestions how to keep your head warm without ruining your hair-do would be greatly appreciated!

I always promise myself that I will write more. Something always comes up and I postpone and postpone and look where it gets me. I guess it is true what they say that by nature we are more likely to express our concerns and complaints than share the positive. Well, I’m ought to change that starting with myself. Therefore, I’ll add it to my list of few New Year’s resolutions. Yes, I said few, because I’m all about quality over quantity and if I am going to set out to do some exciting things in 2015, those shall be delivered in class.




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